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Ghost story.. Ken: Once there was a mother, father, daughter and son living in Osaka. The son was much younger than the sister. They were living happily until suddenly their parents died. So then the sister had to raise her brother, right? She worked, made money and fed her brother. One day she brought him to a lake where they could play. They sat and played in the water while talking. The sister said "I'll go buy some ice cream" and left, but when she came back, her brother was gone. "Where did he go?" she wondered as she searched, but he wasn't there. A day passed, then two days and then three days, but he couldn't be found. The sister reported him missing and finally on the fourth day, she went to a museum her friend was running. She saw many things there until there was one item in particular that said it was a certain child's skeleton. She read the description and when she looked at the skeleton, its eyes were glowing. Suddenly, she was wondering what it was and became drawn to it while trying to speak to it. She asked "Where are you from?" and the response was "Osaka." Then she asked "Why are you here?" and it responded once again "Osaka." "Who killed you?" she said. "YOU!!!!!!!!!"
(VIXX Diary ep. 21)

Arm wrestling;

Ken vs. Everyone

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Ken with messy hair after a fight  Σ(꒪ॢ∀꒪;)՞

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Dancer Hakyeon♥

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