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When you are going to bed,
Tell her in a soft voice
I am so thankful

- The Manual, Eddy Kim



myblenderisntfullofkittens replied to your post “ravieffect replied to your post “myblenderisntfullofkittens replied to…”

Does your friend want something about how its a person’s choice to talk to whoever they want?

I’m not sure but I told her to use the portuguese sentence anyway

it’s better this way but really thank you for your time <3

CL for Harper's Bazaar [May 2014]

i can just give me a few minutes to write up a few ideas and i’ll inbox you.

oh dear thank you so much <3

ravieffect replied to your post “myblenderisntfullofkittens replied to your post:someone who has…”

it doesnt flow very well and doesn’t make much sense on its own. is it going to be paired with a picture of some kind?

no i don’t think so 

i knew that was weird thats why i am asking D:

can you think of any sentence that mean the same thing?


my friend want to get a tattoo but I have no idea if the sentence makes sense in english

"the contact is optional" meaning something like "you talking to me is optional" 

you understand? this makes any sense?